Monday, January 21, 2013

Plane Spotting: Sports Teams Special Liveries

The Niners are going to the Super Bowl!!! The Niners are going to the Super Bowl!!! The Niners...ok, obviously I'm a little excited :) So in honor of my favorite team making it to the biggest game of the year for the first time since I was a kid, and because I haven't done a plane spotting feature in a while, I thought it would be fun to throw together a little checklist of some of the special sports teams liveries from around the country and those that are easily spotted domestically (including where I've spotted a few myself). If you're not a frequent flier you can still play along and check them all out on! How many have you seen?

US Airways "Angry Birds" Arizona Cardinals plane at SJD

Air New Zealand
  • All Blacks (rugby) 777-300 ZK-OKQ (spotted several times at LAX, most recently December 2012)
Air Tran
Alaska Airlines
  • Portland Timbers (soccer) 737-700 N607AS (spotted at LAX and PDX in 2012)
  • Formula 1 Racing A340 A6-EHJ (spotted at JFK September 2012) ok, so it's not a team, but still a pretty cool looking livery!
Hawaiian Airlines is the official carrier of the...
  • Oakland Raiders and they have 2 767's (N592HA and N593HA) that have sported the team's logo (N592HA spotted at HNL)
Horizon (Alaska) loves the NCAA!
  • University of Idaho Vandals Q400 N400QX (spotted at SMF)
  • Washington State Cougars Q400 N401QX
  • University of Montana Grizzlies Q400 N402QX (spotted at SMF)
  • Montana State Bobcats Q400 N403QX
  • University of Oregon Ducks Q400 N407QX (spotted at LAX) There also used to be a CRJ (spotted at SMF)
  • San Diego State University Aztecs Q400 N414QX
  • University of Washington Huskies Q400 N435QX
  • Boise State Broncos Q400 N437QX
  • Oregon State Beavers Q400 N440QX (spotted at LAX)
US Airways
  • Philadelphia Eagles A319 N709UW (spotted PHX)
  • Arizona Cardinals A319 N837AW (flew 2011 SJD-PHX) looks like an Angry Bird!
  • Carolina Panthers A319 N717UW
  • Pittsburgh Steelers A319 N773UW
Virgin America
  • SF Giants A320 N849VA (I see this plane a lot at SFO early in the morning- I think it spends the night there)
Feel free to take a copy of this list with you on your next trip and if you can think of any I've missed or want to share what (and where) you've spotted please comment below.

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