Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Airline

I just booked my family's first tickets of the year with Alaska Airlines, so naturally I had to blog about it! What a great experience after what I am used to with United. We're all starting the year with no status at AS (yikes!) so the first hurdle I ran into was trying to get seat assignments on our flight to Maui next week. The good seats are reserved for MVP elites (once upon a time this used to be us) and others who paid more than I did for tickets, and well, they were out of bad seats. I called and it was taken care of in seconds...not minutes, not hours...seconds! I simply explained to the agent I was traveling with an infant and asked if there was anything she could to do to put us together. "No problem"...we're now in row 9 and she was nice. Doing business with Alaska Airlines in 2013 is a change I think I'm going to like! ;)

FML to "Taken Care of" with just a single phone call

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