Saturday, January 12, 2013

My First Vanilla Reload

I finally bought a Vanilla Reload using a credit card today! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about or why it is SUCH a big's how it works- Buy reload card using favorite miles and points earning credit card --> Find a way to cash out (or pay bills using) reload card --> pay credit card bill --> repeat. The catch is that reload cards are supposed to be purchased with cash, but whatever. Vanilla Reloads are just one of the products available that can occasionally be bought with a credit card, and they are perhaps the easiest of all the reloads to cash out.

I finally bought a Vanilla Reload using my credit card!
I wasn't even looking for a Vanilla Reload when I went to the store today. If you read my Paying Taxes with Netspend (a type of prepaid debit card), then you already know that I was one REloadit (another type of reload) short of having what I needed to pay my quarterly income tax. In the past I'd been able to buy a few of the "cash only" reload packs at Safeway using my favorite miles and points earning credit cards. Yesterday I wasn't so lucky. I then sent my husband out to try but that was another epic fail. He said he "almost got one"...whatever that means. His story about how they were profusely apologetic was pretty amusing though considering that has never happened to me; I usually get publicly humiliated. Today I tried once more to buy the final REloadit at a different Safeway. The cashier was nice enough to show me the fine print that says "cash only" by waiving the card in my face right in front of the new friend I'd met in the check-out line. "See, Cash Only!" she said. I walked out empty handed.

Until now I haven't exactly had the best luck finding/buying Vanilla Reloads (read Credit Card Spending for the Rest of Us to get an idea) so I'd pretty much given up on the cause. I normally would never consider wasting using a Vanilla Reload with a Netspend card (there are so many better ways to cash out), but I really would like to finish paying my taxes (in full) before we head out of town and my Netspend balance just isn't there yet. It just so happens that there is a CVS (a place where you can buy Vanilla Reloads) next to the Safeway (where I wasn't able to buy a REloadit), so I figured, hey, what the hell...I'd give it another shot. I'd been there before looking for the elusive Vanilla Reloads but they were always out of stock. Today my luck changed and there were 2 left! I just about peed myself in excitement when the cashier let me pay with my brand new British Airways VISA (That card has some crazy spending requirements to get the full 100k sign-up bonus). No hassle, no questions, and because I only loaded the cards for $496.05 ($500 minus the $3.95 fee), there was no having to talk to a manager. So I know I've been a harsh critic of all the Vanilla hype in the past, but I have to admit I'm kind of thrilled to finally get in on some of that action everyone has been talking about for so long.

So this little story of how I almost got screwed majorly inconvenienced trying to pay my taxes using reloads and a prepaid debit card has a happy ending and I now know where to head in town (or rather the town next to me) in case I ever need/want to buy more Vanilla. The only thing that could make this day even better is if the 49ers beat the Packers later today!

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  1. Congratulations on your first Vanilla :-) That was great. I am still looking for my very first in Sacramento. Thanks.