Monday, January 14, 2013

Earning Miles for Going Green

Aloha from Maui! I'm here with my family for work to escape the freezing cold temps in NorCal and go surfing. The first item of business this morning was a trip to Foodland to stock up on some necessities (poke, beer, pog, and some purple sweet potato for baby). It's been a while now that we've been able to earn HawaiianMiles for shopping at Foodland at a rate of 200 miles for 250 Maika'i points (dollars spent). Since everything is so expensive here in the islands, it isn't really hard to get a certificate redeemable for the miles each time we visit here, but now with the introduction of Foodland's Take the Bag Challenge, the deal just got even better. Foodland also gives 3 HawaiianMiles (or a $.05 credit) when you shop using your own reusable bag.

Shopping for miles at Foodland in Hawaii

The fine print of the promotion says it has to be a standard size bag and you have to fill it, meaning you can't show up with 10 bags expecting to earn 30 miles without buying a ton of groceries. However, they make absolutely no mention of making multiple trips to the store...I'm sure I forgot something and because of the time change between Hawaii and the west coast, and the ongodly hour at which we decided to shopping this morning, they hadn't put the poke out yet. I guess I'll just have to go back later for more stuff another 3 miles! So, ok I admit this isn't the next big thing to get points-rich and earn endless tickets to the South Pacific (Hawaiian flies to Papeete and Pago Pago), but it is a good reminder to B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bag).

Bonus: Make 10 visits to the store with your own bag before Jan 30th for an extra 100 Maika'i points. To get in on the deal make sure you link your HawaiianMiles number to your Maika'i card and ask for the miles at checkout since the default is to reward you with $.05.

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