Wednesday, January 2, 2013

e-Miles, e-Rewards, and Delta

A few changes in the New Year regarding e-Miles, e-Rewards, and Delta- notably Delta is no longer a partner with the two free-miles-and-points earning sites as of December 31st. Earlier I reported that I signed up for 2 new accounts last-minute using my Skymiles number knowing very well that the partnership was coming to an end. Why? Just because I wanted to find out what would happen.

So what did happen?


Message from e-Miles- January 2nd, 2013

This (above) from my Delta e-miles account. The "Special Bonus" is what caught my attention. Sympathy points anyone? It looks like I'll be getting 250 miles/points for keeping my account active over the next 3 months. Seems very generous. As for the new earning, yeah, I'm ok with that, although details are yet to be released on what the actual redemption value will be. I have another e-Miles account linked with Amazon, but frustratingly, there is no indication there either on how much the miles are actually worth.


My "New" Delta e-Rewards account

I now have access to all the airline partners through my formerly-Delta-sponsored e-Rewards account. This is what I was secretly hoping for, so I'm extremely excited about this one! Technically since e-Rewards is an invitation only site, getting access to some of these airlines partners can be challenging (Hawaiian, Virgin, US Airways). Others (United, American, Alaska, Jet Blue, and Southwest) are a little easier after their invitation links went public. If you are interested in signing up through any of those programs, check out my earlier e-Rewards blog post.

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  1. Thanks you so much for the info. I never noticed the 250 mile bonus. I earned sooooo many Delta miles through this program I was really sorry to see it end.