Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Good News From e-Miles

With all the bad news "enhancements" circulating the miles and points world lately (no more HawaiianMiles for, widespread hotel points devaluations, and a major carrier going revenue-based, etc.) I needed a little something good. Earlier I wrote about how I signed up for new e-Rewards and e-Miles accounts through Delta because I wanted to see what would happen to the accounts. As previously reported, I got lucky with e-Rewards and now that account has access to all the different airline and hotel awards. The e-Miles accounts was left in limbo with a promise that something exciting would come in the future, but until yesterday I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. I assumed it would be the ability to redeem my e-Miles for gift cards or something like that. Then I got this email-

So it looks like I am going to get access to all the partners now and I "no longer have to choose just one". Yay! I didn't get emails for any of my other multiple e-Miles accounts, so this appears to Delta-specific for now. I'll take it! Although I've really enjoyed all my experiences on Delta and I think they are a very nice airline, I've never been a big fan of "Skypesos" and always opt for Alaska Mileage Plan miles (they are partners) given the choice. Of course there's always United, American, US Airways, and others to choose from too! Finally, an "enhancement" that actually is one!

To find out more about e-Miles and their partners, check out my previous post, or go to to sign up.

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