Sunday, December 16, 2012

Free Miles and Points: e-Rewards

Next up in my series about Free Miles and Points is e-Rewards. I first wrote about e-Rewards back in August during an enter-to-win 250,000 MileagePlus miles contest. Sadly that promotion is over, but there are still a few very lucrative sign-up bonuses available worth a guaranteed 250-350 miles after completing your first survey. Once upon a time e-Rewards was an invitation-only program, but after a few sponsors posted invitation links right on their websites and news of their sign-up bonuses spread all over the internet, just about anyone with an email account and the know-how (which I'll share) can join.

e-Rewards sponsors as of 12/16/2012
How it Works- e-Rewards is was an invitation only program that rewards you with miles, hotel points, gift cards and even magazine subscriptions for taking surveys. You will typically get an invitation email from one of their numerous sponsors or you can join using the sign-up links below at the end of the post. Surveys are sent to you via email and typically take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete. The amount you earn is usually based on the length of the survey and most of the time you will even get a consolation prize ($.25) if you fail to qualify. e-Rewards recently launched a mobile app which has some shorter and more valuable surveys, however you must get an invitation from them in order to use it. e-Rewards "dollars" do expire once a year if not redeemed so I like to use AwardWallet to keep track of my accounts.

e-Rewards email

The Currency and Rewards- e-Rewards gives you e-Rewards "dollars". Even though they use the $ symbol, they are not equal to USD; in my experience, they are only worth about half when you try to trade them in for gift cards. The value of your "$"s varies by sponsor. Here are a few travel-related

  •  "$25" = 500 miles/points, "$50" = 1,000 miles/points, and "$100" = 2,000 miles/points on Air France/KLM, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, AeroMexico, Frontier, Hawaiian, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Spirit, jetBlue, and Southwest. 
e-Rewards and Alaska Airlines
  • "$30" = 750 Avios, "$60" = 1,500 Avios, and "$100" = 3,000 Avios with Iberia
  • "$25" = 1,000 points, "$50" = 2,500 points, and "$75" = 4,500 points with Club Carlson and Hilton HHonors.
  • "$30" = 1,000 points, "$60" = 2,200 points, "$100" = 4,000 points with LaQuinta, Choice Privileges, and Priority Club
e-Rewards and Priority Club
  • "$20" for a 1-year subscription to Travel + Leisure magazine.
  • "$30" = 150 points and "$60" = 500 points with Hertz.
For the complete list of program sponsors and awards click here.

Free Points- Participation in the e-Rewards program is completely free.

Taking it to the Next Level- Multiple accounts do not seem to be an issue with e-Rewards as long as you use separate email addresses. Of course you will want to keep track of what you redeem out of each e-Rewards account to avoid making it obvious. e-Rewards sometimes helps out in the sense that if you were invited to join by United, you may not be able to even redeem "dollars" from that account with Delta, American, or any other airline sponsor. Obviously, United wants you to redeem your earnings with them, and while there still may be hotel and other options, don't expect to see anything from their competitors. Another tip is that you may want to set up some free email accounts for use for e-Rewards. Making the sponsor name part of the address is any easy way to help you keep track of your accounts, for example- yourname_asmiles@yahoo, yourname_hhpoints@hotmail, or yourname_deltamiles@gmail, etc.

Overall Analysis and Other Stuff You Should Know- Your earning potential with e-Rewards is pretty much limited by how many email addresses you want to sign up for and how much effort you want to put into it. When you first join, you might not be getting a lot of survey invitations, but if you stick with it, those number will surely increase. With several accounts and after more than a year now, I often have more surveys than I have time for. Also be aware that some of the survey the links expire quickly, so in order to maximize your earnings you may want to check your inbox almost daily. Of course, not all of us have the time. I'd guess that I only get to about 20% of mine before they expire, and I'm still earning a lot!

My experience with e-Rewards has been very positive. In just the last year, I've managed to rack up thousands of miles and points across several programs. The sheer number of survey invitations I am getting nowadays is a little overwhelming, so I'm glad I use separate email accounts. Some surveys are more fun that others, and some are just downright mind-numbing and awful. Now that I have a kid, and nowhere near enough free time to complete them all, I pick and choose. I've found that with e-Rewards it's best to be thoughtful and honest with their surveys to insure you qualify and get full credit. The exception to that being cell-phone related surveys. You can usually blindly click through those and still get credit.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been selected several times for in-home product trials. e-Rewards has sent me a quite a few cases of free diapers and wipes, then given me credit for completing a very short questionnaire. All of the times they've been brand named products too- Pamper diapers and Huggies wipes. I not super picky about brands when it comes to that so I truly appreciated the freebies! While we normally buy Huggies diapers and Kirkland Signature wipes from Costco, if someone wants to send me free stuff, I'll take it!

Another fun and easy way to earn lots of miles and points with e-Rewards is with their new mobile app (available for iPhone and Android). While a typical email survey worth "$10" might take as long as 30 minutes to complete, with the app, I've been getting "$10" surveys that take less than 5 minutes on my iPhone. Some of these surveys are location-based and in some cases they may want you to take a picture of a receipt or the inside of store to prove you're actually there.

How to Sign Up- Search your inbox for e-mail invitations from e-Rewards sponsors or use any or all of the sign-up bonus links below. If you know of any other bonus offers out there, please feel free to share with other readers in the comments section.

Update: Delta will no longer be a partner in 2013