Sunday, December 9, 2012

1,000+ MileagePlus Miles for Joining BCKSTGR

While all the usual frequent flier sites and the internet were buzzing about BCKSTGR's 1,000 sign-up bonus, I was on vacation. Sorry about that (no, not really). Anyway, there was so much hype about the free easy miles, that it crashed their site, thus halting sign-ups for a little while. Well, things have calmed down, is back up, so if you haven't joined or haven't heard, and like free miles, now is as good a time as ever.

Q: So what is it?
A: It appears to be a social media type thing that rewards you with miles for "sharing" (aka shamelessly promoting) stuff with your friends.

Q: Great! How do I sign up?
A: Go to and register for 400 points. Link for foursquare, facebook, and twitter accounts to get an additional 200 points each, bringing you to 1,000 total.

Q: But what if I don't want to spam my friends?
A: It appears that you don't have to in order to get the 1000 miles sign-up bonus. So far it looks like my facebook page hasn't been hijacked even though I pretty much gave them permission to do that. Same goes for twitter. On foursquare it just says I started using the app, or you know, whatever it typically does on foursquare- no rogue check-ins or anything yet.

Q: Is that it?
A: No. You can get additional miles for actually tweeting, liking, and sharing stuff (the aforementioned shameless promotion part). Go to the "earn" tab at the top of the page. Click on it. Then find the "Dream Big BCKSTGR" graphic that looks like this-

Click on it. Once there you will be instructed to share their registration link on your twitter for 25 miles, tweet #DreamBig for 50 miles, like them on facebook for 25, and post stuff on your wall for another 50. You can do each of these things twice in your lifetime (once per day) with the exception of liking them, for a total of 225 more miles.

Q: I love free miles! But again, what if I don't want to bug my friends?
A: Multiple or "alias" accounts (with little or no friends) are great for stuff like this. You can also tweet and post the stuff and then just delete it once the miles post (which is almost instantly in my experience).

Taking it to the next level-
You may have noticed on the earning page there are a few other links. Right now it appears only people who live in Chicago are lucky enough to have the privilege or more tweeting, liking, and checking-in for miles, but there are ways around that, I'm sure. I'm not going to tell you explicitly how to do it, but mobile sites and browsers that let you manipulate your location are always fun. That said, cheating is bad, you probably shouldn't do it, and don't blame me if you get coal in your stocking this year. I almost forgot to mention the 4,200 additional miles. (DISCLAIMER: I have not tried this step myself, yet)

So is this just another Topguest? We'll see. I'm sure as the program grows and evolves, if successful, we'll see more opportunities to earn miles for selling out to corporate interests. Yay! As a responsible blogger, I would not recommend something I haven't tried myself (with one exception noted above) and for me the miles posted instantly to MileagePlus so I'll vouch that this seems totally legitimate.

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