Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Frequent Fliers

Here is a list of some of my favorite mobile apps to help you stay connected, informed, and entertained while flying through the friendly skies:

  • TripIt- Travel Organizer. A great way to keep track of hotel and flight reservations all in one place. It's FREE and easy to use, although there is a Pro (paid) version available that has a little more functionality and no ads. Once you're signed up all you have to do is forward any confirmation emails from airlines and hotels to and it automatically adds them. What's also cool about TripIt is that its supported by so many other apps. You can export your TripIt plans to other sites and programs like Uppward, Openflights, FlightDiary and Facebook. To check out the full list of partners go to Also available for iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.
  • Uppward- Social Networking. Think foursquare, but for frequent fliers. Check-in to flights, earn miles and redeem them for rewards. There are also virtual awards for visiting certain airports or flying a certain amount of miles; What's so fun is that they look just like the little wings so many of us used to collect as kids. FREE. Also visit to view rewards or link your account to TripIt.
  • FlightAware- Flight Tracker. Whether its stalking that plane flying over your house or tracking a flight you're actually on, FlightAware is a must-have. You can search "nearby" activity, find flights using a route, flight, or tailnumber, and even see airport activity. There is also the ability to share via Facebook and Twitter. Nothing quite says f*** you like posting a live map of your plane cruising over the Pacific Ocean enroute to Maui. FREE. is a great website and their is a mobile app available for virtually every other platform from Android and Windows, to Symbian, whatever that is. ;)
  • SeatGuru by Tripadvisor- Seating Maps and Flight Tracker. Companion app to the popular website Don't sit in the rear middle seat by the bathroom ever again! SeatGuru lets you search the seat map for your flight using a flight number or by route. The maps are color coded (red is bad) and show other useful stuff like where power ports are located. FREE. Also available for Android.
  • Pinger- Text and Call Free. Tempted to sign up for a lucrative miles or points bonus promo that requires your mobile number but don't want spam texts costing you money? Then sign up for Pinger. Previously known as TextFree, this apps gives you a virtual number that you can use to text and talk to regular mobile numbers or other Pinger numbers. This is also a great way to send a text from your wifi equipped aircraft. FREE. Android version coming soon!
  • AwardWallet- Points Tracker. Keep track of your miles and points balances (and friends and family's too!) all in once place. Easy to use companion to the website The app and service are both free, but I highly recommend getting a Plus membership (donation of $5+ dollars for 6 months) which shows expiration dates and send alerts so you don't lose any precious miles or points ever again. Also comes in the Android variety.
  • OnTheFly- Airfare Search. I cannot express how much I love, so it's no coincidence that their mobile app OnTheFly is one of my favorites for finding cheap airfares. What makes this one special is the ability to search by calendar and not just specific dates. It's not as powerful as the website, but it's still totally worth the FREE download. ITA is owned by google, so of course this one is available Android too.
  • Kayak- Booking Site. My favorite for what it is and frequently #1 rated travel app. Also available for Android, iPad, Windows, and Kindle. FREE.
  • LiveATC- Live Air Traffic Control. Like listening Channel 9 on the aircraft? Well, this is the smartphone equivalent. The website is free; The app costs $2.99. You just might be an #avgeek is you've ever used an fm transmitter to listen in your car while waiting in the airport cell phone lot. Guilty.
  • Just Landed- Flight Tracker and Airport Picker Upper Tool. Bad at math? Or just too lazy to figure out when you have to leave the house to get to the airport with traffic in order to pick someone up? There's an app for that and it's awesome! FREE, simple, and easy to use. Plus the orange tail on the icon reminds me so much of the Aloha Airlines Funbird :`(
Honorable Mention- Your favorite airlines' mobile app. I fly United and use their app to check in, scope out the upgrade list, and even play sudoku. While mobile boarding passes are available on this one and virtually every other airlines', I still like having a paper ticket or print-out.

What apps do you use for travel? Did your favorite make the list, or know of one that you would like to share? Feel free to post in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for the app list! I travel a lot for my job at DISH, so I love lists like this that include apps that will help me along the way. You've pretty much covered all of my favorite travel apps as well, except for DISH Remote Access. I like to use it mainly when I have some downtime to kill, since it lets me watch all of my favorite shows from home, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. :)

  2. Thanks for reading! Glad you liked the list!