Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wanna Go to Space with Virgin Galactic?

Gold, Platinum, 1K...Galactic? Virgin America just announced a new top tier to their elevate loyalty program, and it comes with one of the most out-of-this-world perks probably of any airline elite status ever. The person who earns to most elevate points by flying Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and Virgin America by Aug 7, 2013 gets to go to outer space on Virgin Galactic. I'm surely not the only one who heard about this promotion and started thinking about the mileage run potential, right? Let me assure you if I had an unlimited supply of cash and a little extra time on my hands I would probably try and do it! I'll be curious to see who actually wins this, if they are a fellow mileage runner, and how many hundreds of thousands of miles it ends up taking to win this. Not sure you have what it takes to be Virgin's top flyer either? They also offer more-realistic Silver (20,000 points) and Gold (50,000 points) levels within their elevate program as well. To find out more about the contest, Virgin Galactic, to sign up for elevate, or learn more about the program visit:

Over Houston, taken from a United flight from Denver to Cancun. Kinda looks like outer space right?  (c)

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