Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Join e-Rewards for a Chance to Win 250,000 United Mileage Plus miles!

If you're not already an e-Rewards member, there is a current promotion going on, that if you sign up using your United Mileage Plus number, you will be entered to win 250,000 miles! No matter what you also get 250 miles just for joining and completing your first survey. If you're not familiar with them, e-Rewards is an invitation-only survey site, and a great way to earn valuable airlines miles and hotel points for completing various surveys. The best part is it is FREE to join, and I can vouch that it's totally legit. Since I found out about e-Rewards about a year and a half ago I've earned several thousand airline miles and hotel points, and even got the chance to participate in an in-home product trial and got a bunch of FREE diapers for my little guy. Most of the surveys take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, and some you can even do on your smartphone while you sit and watch TV. The programs sponsors include several airlines like United, American, Hawaiian, Delta, Alaska, Virgin and JetBlue. Hotel sponsors include Priority Club, and Hilton HHonors among others. There are also several reward options via retail partners like American Eagle Outfitters, Express, and GameStop if for whatever reason you aren't interested in miles and points. You can also redeem for magazine subscriptions. I got a 2 year subscription for Travel + Leisure in addition to miles and hotel points last year through the program. To learn more about their sponsors and awards go to Please be aware that awards do vary by account based on who you signed up with. For example if you invited to join from United, you might not be able to redeem your e-rewards dollars for miles with competitors American and Delta.

Choose your favorite sponsor below to sign up today, or maybe even try them all ;)
You may also be able to join through which is another great FREE way to earn miles and points from your favorite programs. Need to sign up for an extra email address or two while you're at it to help manage all your hotel and airline accounts? (Read between the lines here) I like free ones like yahoo, hotmail, and gmail.

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